Melbourne Bangla School

We have been running the Melbourne Bangla School since 2017, a community initiative for specialized training in the Bangla language as part of Australia’s growing multicultural society. Melbourne Bangla School is a Victorian State government-accredited language school that teaches and promotes Bangla language mainly to Victorian school-going students.

Melbourne Bangla Mobile Library

We are in the process of launching a mobile library with Bangla books to cater to the growing need for our students to read Bangla literature once they learn to read Bangla.

Melbourne Bangladeshi Cultural Society

We provide a platform for mainly Bangladeshi Australians to gather and mingle socially. This platform provides an opportunity not only Bangladeshi Australians to gather but also for the wider Australian community to gather and work for the betterment of the community. Also, this platform gives an opportunity to organize different social programs to keep Bangladeshi culture alive among the children of the first generation migrants (second generation) who are born and brought up in Australia and lack the opportunity to enjoy their heritage face to face unlike the children born and raised in Bangladesh. Melbourne Bangladeshi Sports Club: Many Bangladeshi Australians, being migrants and spending most of their lifetime establishing a family, lack the opportunity to play any sports. We provide this platform for them so that they can play while their kids study in school.