About Our Melbourne Bangla School

    We have been running the Melbourne Bangla School since 2017, a community initiative for specialized training in the Bangla language as part of Australia’s growing multicultural society. Melbourne Bangla School is a Victorian State government-accredited language school that teaches and promotes Bangla language mainly to Victorian school-going students.

    [toggle title=”Observance of International Mother Language Day” state=”open”]In 1999, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) announced February 21 as International Mother Language Day (IMLD) following Bangladesh’s initiative to recognize the 1952 Bangla Language Movement in Bangladesh. IMLD is observed worldwide to promote the preservation and protection of all languages, in particular, linguistic diversity and multilingualism. As the Bangladeshi-Australian community in Melbourne, we come together to pay tributes to the martyrs of the 1952 Language Movement and celebrate Bengali along with other languages in the spirit of multiculturalism. Since its inception, MBCF has been observing this auspicious day every year. We pay our respect to the language martyrs and organize a program to remember their sacrifices in keeping Bangla language the state language of Bangladesh (the then East Pakistan) which ultimately led to the liberation war of Bangladesh giving birth to Bangladesh in the process.[/toggle]

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