Melbourne Bangladeshi Cultural Society

    We provide a platform for mainly Bangladeshi Australians to gather and mingle socially. This platform provides an opportunity to not only Bangladeshi Australians to gather but also the wider Australian community to gather and work for the betterment of the community. Also, this platform give opportunity to organize different social programs to keep Bangladeshi culture alive among the children of the first generation migrants (second generation) who are born and brought up Australia and lacks the opportunity to enjoy their heritage face to face unlike the children born and raised in Bangladesh.

    Cultural Activity

    Iftar Mafil:

    Every year we organize Iftar mafil during the month of Ramadan celebrating our cultural and religious diversity within the wider Australian community. People from different community come together to bring the joy of cultural harmony.

    Eid Reunion:

    Every year we celebrate Eid along with many other nationalities that live in Australia in peace and harmony.

    Independence Day

    Every year we celebrate Bangladesh’s Independence Day with Children’s drawing competition and discussion program. We remind ourselves of our cultural heritage and the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters in the liberation war in 1971. In 2021, we celebrates the 50th Independence Day.